"New York-based violinist, vocalist and interdisciplinary artist reframing sound, exploring the limits of sonic perception."
"Her violin playing is remarkably wide, capable of sounding like a distant ghost, a melodic dance, or a skin-tearing saw."
"Led by New York composer and violinist Sarah Bernstein, Veer Quartet sit between contemporary chamber music and avant garde jazz."
"Pulling from multiple traditions, Bernstein’s music stays a moving target, playfully defying any attempt to pin it down in one exhibit case."
"A sound of wild abstraction drawing upon the traditions of experimental noise, free rock and avant-garde jazz. Heavy, lithe, raw and spirited."
"Musical flora and fauna drawing sustenance from biting sarcasm, stinging political statements and voices from the other side."
"Cerebral composition, ludic puzzles and feisty improvisation."
"A metallic, minimalist sci-fi landscape."
"An ecstatic, free style that fills every atom in the room with palpable tension."
"An enigmatic, shapeshifting slab of exploration and sonic catharsis."
"A truly one of a kind musical experience."
"The days of complete separation between written classical music and improvised jazz are long gone, at least as far as violinist Sarah Bernstein and some of her contemporaries are concerned."
"Violinists Bernstein and Sana Nagano, violist Leonor Falcón and cellist Nick Jozwiak represent a new generation enabling new roles for their instruments in jazz. They can read like classical experts and wail like badass jazz improvisers."
"An improvising quartet that brings jazz freedom to the venerable chamber-music formation, VEER’s music overflows with sonic and structural invention."
"With improv so central to this daring outfit's playing, no performance is ever the same, which makes the idea of seeing VEER Quartet live an especially appealing proposition."
"Lush washes spreading outward like an organic wave intersect with pointillist sonic phantoms to create emotive pieces flush with catharsis and reverie...pure magic."
"Like watching drifts of snow circulate madly within a globe."
"Violinist Sarah Bernstein inhabits one of the most magically otherworldly and distinctive sound worlds around."
"Bernstein writes diverse parts that make each player stand out individually even as they work together to develop the piece."
"What you hear is a group of excellent musicians searching for something new. Bravo to that."
"A dynamic blend of composition and free improvisation blending chamber music and jazz."
"Music that is experimental, transcendental, and intense."
"Sans renier ni dévoyer l’héritage des couleurs du quatuor à cordes, Sarah Bernstein le fait voguer un peu plus loin et l’ancre dans les musiques d’aujourd’hui."
"Musikken er til tider usannsynlig vakker og like etter tøff, hard og aggressiv - som livet altså. Sarah Bernstein og hennes langt framskredne venner stortrives i dette universet - det gjør jeg også!"
"Ses compositions baignent dans une stylistique ouverte qui privilégie la méticulosité et poussent le quatuor vers une forme de densité musicale au sein de laquelle l’énergie et la dynamique nous ont parus très jazz."
"Spennende ensemblespill som gir oss bilder på noe nesten utenomjordisk."
"Her avant-garde vision and unorthodox approach to music is as exceptional as ever here."
"Moves from requiem to raucous."
"Concise soloing with rich ensemble textures."
"Smyčcové kvarteto hrající subžánrovou hudbu, kde jsou hráči na smyčcové nástroje zároveň improvizátory, kteří vstřebali rozmanitá stylová výraziva."
"Fans of uncompromising and infectious music will find a lot to savour."
"Sarah Bernstein shattered the remote space."
"New York violinist with roots in both jazz and new music, Bernstein adds treated swooping vocals and electronic processing to the mix."
"VEER Quartet presents compositions by its leader, the violinist Sarah Bernstein, with plenty of room for spontaneous elaboration and unbounded interplay."
"An incendiary improviser."
"Violinist Sarah Bernstein plays some of the most thoughtfully compelling music of any New York artist. Blending fearless jazz improvisation, indie classical acerbity and the occasional detour in the direction of performance art, her sound is distinctly her own."
"It's not mere music, or even mere noise but rather, edgy, offbeat performance art."
"Exolinger dishes racket that should be downright pleasing to denizens of the noise music underground."
"Bernstein's strengths as a instrumentalist and composer have been matched in recent performances and recordings by her mastery of digital sound."
"Her most minimalist yet...definitely one for our time."
"Gonzoid noise-rock made from amplified violin and drums."
"Violins, electronics and voice combine in an ecstatic, devotional racket."
"A sound unto its own, steeped in rock's glorious excess but also tuned in to a highly technical, subtle style of playing."
"A wild, unclassifiable landscape."
"Right from the downbeat the duo shredded the airspace. Heavily amplified perpetual-motion bowing cast an utter breathlessness over the audience."
"Their synergy is bewildering and necessary in one's life."
"One of the most wildly out-there duos around."
"An art-pop inclination that's as varied as it is satisfying."
"Blows up whatever comfort zone we have eased ourselves into."
"An artist with a myriad dimensions."
"A Spare, Edgy, Incisive Jazz Poetry Album From Brilliant Violinist Sarah Bernstein"
"She is an original, a true original."
"There's an inherent drama that makes it feel like something, perhaps even the violin itself, could come apart at any moment."
"Abrasive textures in an alluring almost doesn't matter which instrument is which in this mesmerizing fear inducing dream factory."
"Raw power, complex, intricate lines."
"A melancholy masterpiece."
"Contemplation, discord, enigmatic sophistry."
"Some of the most eloquent 'modern jazz' to have come my way recently. An album rich in colour and invention"
"Sustained quiet control and a sense of patience bespeaking true confidence."
"An exciting, cohesive band."
"A hurricane of notes and texture."
"Playing an EKG of the modern world, her violin sings as her spoken poetry frames an arrestingly intense Rorschach for our times."
"Sky-scraping violin...a futuristic, heavily distorted and hypnotic vision of rock music."
"A cool exploration of the spaces between the notes as much as the notes themselves, thriving on minimalism to put the odd sounds they create in sharper relief."
"Sound is something that Bernstein and her trio mates build especially well. Each one of them stretches the uses of their respective instruments to a point where it's often hard to tell who's doing what."
"Their first studio recording results in a completely immersive musical experience that captures the group's live performance potential."
"Bernstein's poems are written down, but she selects them on the fly, inserting them into the flow as one would a violent cadenza or a steady backing sound."
"Iron Dog make a music fully of today. It's dark, metallic, forward reaching, avant and spatially rooted, sprawling, psychedelic and free-based, electronic and earthy, poetic and blunt, all at once."
"Beat poets used jazz as a backdrop for their prose but their approach was more parallel than integrative and more deferential than symbiotic. While Unearthish invites that comparison, violinist/poet Sarah Bernstein has instead created compositions that are post-Beat holistic works of art."
"Violinist/singer/composer Sarah Bernstein headlined the first night of this year's Vital Vox Festival at Roulette."
"A superb avant-garde set of art songs that had both vocals and spoken word."
"Sarah Bernstein brings a certain beat sensibility to her experimental tunes that blend jazz, classical, folk and spoken word."
"Their extended sonic experimentalism brought to mind early Pink Floyd psych-outs...transplanting Tonight Let's All Make Love in London onto the Lower East Side."
"What Sarah Bernstein is doing right now is important to the place we are in...This is something you should listen to a bunch of times."
"It will defy your expectations while providing some thought-provoking voltage readings."
"Um dos álbuns imperdíveis da free music editados neste ano."
"Exolinger è un lavoro complesso ed affascinante"
"Sarah Bernstein é uma multifacetada artista: da poesia à música, a nova-iorquina tem-se vindo a destacar como uma criadora visionária e inovadora."
"Lo spoken word della Bernstein e le stridule, metalliche evoluzioni del violino duellano in campo aperto, prima che l’archetto e le corde prendano il sopravvento, degenerando in vortice rumorista che nel finale si lancia in supersonico allungo … una serie di brani che proiettano il disco tra le vette del 2020."
"Situazioni oniricamente venate di perplessa drammaticità"
"Son bien posé, vibrato léger, compositions délicates, univers orienté vers un lyrisme tendu sont quelques-uns des traits de cette musique qui impose en douceur sa présence insistante."
"Précision, force, lyrisme, humour avec une dose d'atonalité qui s'intègre parfaitement dans le discours de la violoniste."
"Al vanaf de opener, het titelstuk 'Still/Free', is duidelijk wat een sterke componiste Sarah Bernstein is."
"Il quartetto di Sarah Bernstein potrà essere un esempio oltre che un punto di riferimento per chi crede che il violino possa avere uno spazio all'interno della musica Jazz."
"L'obiettivo della Bernstein di rimanere dentro nel jazz non è mai stato così chiaro, ma la permanenza viene studiata nelle sue modalità di approccio e segue una logica perfetta, che è conseguenza di quanto fatto finora musicalmente e di quanto si vuole costruire."
"È un disco ben strutturato e pensato in cui le composizioni e gli arrangiamenti hanno un ruolo importante, non mancano comunque assoli travolgenti dei partecipanti."
"Lo strumento sotto le dita di Sarah è rarefatto e sornione, le sue frasi legate hanno consistenza liquida."
"In einem Melvins-freien Paralleluniversum voller Zärtlichkeit und Melancholie."
"Prostě Sarah Bernstein je osobnost, se kterou musíme počítat."
"Sarah Bernstein violinista e vocalist newyorkese in continuo movimento sia sul piano performativo che nell attivita didattica, presenta qui un gruppo di sue composizioni in musica e in parola."