SARAH BERNSTEIN is a New York-based violinist/composer whose work blurs the lines between innovative jazz, new chamber music, experimental pop and noise music. Over the course of ten albums as a leader and countless collaborations, she has garnered international acclaim for her multi-disciplinary performances and distinctive recordings. She leads the improvising string ensemble VEER Quartet, the avant-jazz Sarah Bernstein Quartet, the poetic minimalist duo Unearthish, and performs solo with heavily-processed voice/violin as Exolinger. Ongoing collaborations include her noise-electronic duo with drummer Kid Millions and the experimental synth-pop band Day So Far. She has placed in the DownBeat Magazine Critics Poll annually since 2015, winning “Rising Star Violinist” in 2020. She is originally from San Francisco, CA.

Notable performances and recordings are with:
Tomeka Reid, Anthony Braxton, Kris Davis, Ches Smith, Vinny Golia, Adam Rudolph, Satoshi Takeishi, Kid Millions, Dave Scott, Shelley Hirsch, Pamelia Stickney, Hans Tammen, Chris Cochrane, Jason Kao Hwang, Stuart Popejoy, Andrew Drury, Ron Stabinsky, James Ilgenfritz, Danny Tunick, Barbez, Emilie Lesbros, Marco Käppeli, Christian Weber, Joseph Daley, Guillermo Gregorio, Sana Nagano, Leonor Falcon, Nick Jozwiak, and many more.

Photo: Caleb Bryant Miller