Nominated "Rising Star Violin" in DownBeat Magazine Critics Poll 2017, 2016, 2015
Radio interview Omnipotent Oscilloclast Little Water Radio NYC, Sept 2017:

"Violinist Sarah Bernstein plays some of the most thoughtfully compelling music of any New York artist. Blending fearless jazz improvisation, indie classical acerbity and the occasional detour in the direction of performance art, her sound is distinctly her own." New York Music Daily - Sarah Bernstein Quartet Still/Free
"Bernstein adds treated swooping vocals and electronic processing to the mix." Byron Coley, The Wire - Kid Millions & Sarah Bernstein Tense Life
"Cerebral composition, ludic puzzles and feisty improvisation." Daniel Spicer, JazzWise - Sarah Bernstein Quartet Still/Free
"There's something bold in the first part of Still/Free, violinist Sarah Bernstein's debut quartet album, released earlier this year by Leo Records. This boldness isn't arrived at by the more common and obvious method of all-out technical bombast but rather by sustained quiet control and a sense of patience bespeaking true confidence." Eric McDowell, Free Jazz Blog - Sarah Bernstein Quartet Still/Free
"Some of the most eloquent 'modern jazz' to have come my way album rich in colour and invention" Steve Day, Sandy Brown Jazz - Sarah Bernstein Quartet Still/Free
"An incendiary improviser." Stuart Broomer, Music Works - FIMAV 2015
"Son bien posé, vibrato léger, compositions délicates, univers orienté vers un lyrisme tendu sont quelques-uns des traits de cette musique qui impose en douceur sa présence insistante." Philippe Méziat, Jazz Magazine - Sarah Bernstein Quartet Still/Free
"Précision, force, lyrisme, humour avec une dose d'atonalité qui s'intègre parfaitement dans le discours de la violoniste." Julien Aunos, Citizen Jazz - Sarah Bernstein Quartet Still/Free
"Al vanaf de opener, het titelstuk 'Still/Free', is duidelijk wat een sterke componiste Sarah Bernstein is." Herman te Loo, JazzFlits - Sarah Bernstein Quartet Still/Free
"Il quartetto di Sarah Bernstein potrà essere un esempio oltre che un punto di riferimento per chi crede che il violino possa avere uno spazio all'interno della musica Jazz." Argonauta Magazine - Sarah Bernstein Quartet Still/Free
"L'obiettivo della Bernstein di rimanere dentro nel jazz non è mai stato così chiaro, ma la permanenza viene studiata nelle sue modalità di approccio e segue una logica perfetta, che è conseguenza di quanto fatto finora musicalmente e di quanto si vuole costruire." Ettore Garzia - Sarah Bernstein Quartet Still/Free
"È un disco ben strutturato e pensato in cui le composizioni e gli arrangiamenti hanno un ruolo importante, non mancano comunque assoli travolgenti dei partecipanti." MusicZoom - Sarah Bernstein Quartet Still/Free
"Lo strumento sotto le dita di Sarah è rarefatto e sornione, le sue frasi legate hanno consistenza liquida." Stefano Merighi, All About Jazz Italia - Sarah Bernstein Quartet Still/Free
"In einem Melvins-freien Paralleluniversum voller Zärtlichkeit und Melancholie." Rigobert Dittmann, Bad Alchemy - Sarah Bernstein Quartet Still/Free
"Prostě Sarah Bernstein je osobnost, se kterou musíme počítat." Z.K. Slabý, HisVoice - Sarah Bernstein Quartet Still/Free
"Violinist/singer/composer Sarah Bernstein headlined the first night of this year's Vital Vox Festival at Roulette..." Lucid Culture - Unearthish Live in NYC
"It's not mere music, or even mere noise but rather, edgy, offbeat performance art." S. Victor Aaron, Something Else! - Iron Dog Interactive Album Rock
"It's a futuristic, heavily distorted and hypnotic vision of rock music." (Free) Jazz Alchemist - Iron Dog Interactive Album Rock
"Some of the most exciting and accessible abstract music you'll find." The Big City Blog, Best Music 2012 - Iron Dog Interactive Album Rock
"Playing an EKG of the modern world, her violin sings as her spoken poetry frames an arrestingly intense Rorschach for our times." Katie Bull, NYC Jazz Record VOXNews - Iron Dog Interactive Album Rock
"A cool exploration of the spaces between the notes as much as the notes themselves, thriving on minimalism to put the odd sounds they create in sharper relief." S. Victor Aaron, Something Else! Top Albums for 2012 - Iron Dog Interactive Album Rock
"A superb avant-garde set of art songs that had both vocals and spoken word..." Chris McGovern, The Glass - Unearthish at Vital Vox Festival
"This music is filled with suspense, dread and mildly disturbing vibrations." Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery - Iron Dog Interactive Album Rock
"Sound is something that Bernstein and her trio mates Stuart Popejoy (bass guitar, synthesizer) and Andrew Drury (drums) build especially well. Each one of them stretches the uses of their respective instruments to a point where it's often hard to tell who's doing what." Shanley On Music - Iron Dog Interactive Album Rock
"Bernstein's poems are written down, but she selects them on the fly, inserting them into the flow as one would a violent cadenza or a steady backing sound." WedgeRadio - Iron Dog Live in Brooklyn
"Their first studio recording results in a completely immersive musical experience that captures the group's live performance potential." Wilbur MacKenzie, NYC Jazz Record - Iron Dog Interactive Album Rock
"Iron Dog make a music fully of today. It's dark, metallic, forward reaching, avant and spatially rooted, sprawling, psychedelic and free-based, electronic and earthy, poetic and blunt, all at once." Gapplegate Guitar and Bass Blog - Iron Dog Interactive Album Rock
"Beat poets used jazz as a backdrop for their prose but their approach was more parallel than integrative and more deferential than symbiotic. While Unearthish invites that comparison, violinist/poet Sarah Bernstein has instead created compositions that are post-Beat holistic works of art." Elliott Simon, NYC Jazz Record - Unearthish
"What Sarah Bernstein is doing right now is important to the place we are in...This is something you should listen to a bunch of times." Gapplegate Guitar and Bass Blog - Unearthish
"It will defy your expectations while providing some thought-provoking voltage readings." Gapplegate Guitar and Bass Blog - Iron Dog Field Recordings 1
"Their extended sonic experimentalism brought to mind early Pink Floyd psych-outs...transplanting Tonight Let's All Make Love in London onto the Lower East Side." Kurt Gottschalk, NYC Jazz Record - Iron Dog Live in NYC
"I love the way Sarah imitates the sound or notes of her voice with her violin." Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery - Unearthish
"Sarah Bernstein violinista e vocalist newyorkese in continuo movimento sia sul piano performativo che nell attivita didattica, presenta qui un gruppo di sue composizioni in musica e in parola..." MusicZoom - Unearthish